Navigating Outdoor Signage and Advertising Laws in Spring Branch, TX

As an expert in the field of outdoor signage and advertising, I have seen firsthand the impact that laws and regulations can have on businesses and communities. In the small town of Spring Branch, located in the picturesque Texas Hill Country, these laws are no exception. While the town is known for its scenic views, friendly community, and thriving businesses, it's important to understand and comply with the laws and restrictions in place for outdoor signage and advertising. Let's take a closer look at these regulations and how they affect Spring Branch, TX.

The Governing Body

Before diving into the specifics of outdoor signage and advertising laws in Spring Branch, it's important to understand the governing body that enforces these regulations.

As an unincorporated area within Comal County, Spring Branch operates under the City of Bulverde's ordinances. This means that any laws or restrictions on outdoor signage and advertising fall under the jurisdiction of the City of Bulverde. According to the City of Bulverde's Code of Ordinances, Chapter 14 - Signs, there are several regulations in place for outdoor signage and advertising. These regulations cover everything from the types of signs allowed to their size, placement, content, and materials used.

Types of Signs Allowed

The City of Bulverde allows for various types of signs in Spring Branch, including temporary signs, permanent signs, and electronic message signs. Temporary signs are those that are displayed for a limited time period, such as banners or yard signs for events or sales.

Permanent signs are intended to be displayed for an extended period, such as business signs or billboards. Electronic message signs display changing messages or images through electronic means. However, it's important to note that all signs must comply with the regulations set forth by the City of Bulverde. This includes obtaining the necessary permits and adhering to size and placement restrictions.

Size and Placement Restrictions

When it comes to the size and placement of signs in Spring Branch, there are specific regulations in place to maintain the town's aesthetic appeal and ensure the safety of its residents. According to the City of Bulverde's Code of Ordinances, temporary signs cannot exceed 32 square feet in area, while permanent signs cannot exceed 100 square feet.

Additionally, all signs must be placed at least 10 feet from any property line or public right-of-way. Furthermore, there are restrictions on the number of signs allowed on a property. For example, a business can have one permanent sign and one temporary sign, but they cannot exceed a total of 100 square feet combined. This is to prevent clutter and maintain a clean and organized appearance.

Content Restrictions

In addition to size and placement restrictions, there are also regulations on the content of signs in Spring Branch. According to the City of Bulverde's Code of Ordinances, signs cannot contain any obscene or offensive language or images.

This includes any content that promotes discrimination or violence. Furthermore, signs cannot advertise any illegal activities or products. This includes but is not limited to drugs, alcohol, or firearms. Any signs found to be in violation of these content restrictions may be subject to removal by the city.

Materials Used

The City of Bulverde also has regulations on the materials used for outdoor signage in Spring Branch. According to their Code of Ordinances, all signs must be constructed with durable materials that can withstand weather conditions and maintain their structural integrity.

This is to prevent any potential hazards or safety concerns. Additionally, electronic message signs must have a dimming feature to prevent any glare or distraction for drivers on the road.

Enforcement and Penalties

As with any laws and regulations, there are consequences for not complying with the City of Bulverde's sign ordinances. If a sign is found to be in violation, the city may issue a notice of violation and give the owner a certain amount of time to correct the issue. Failure to comply may result in fines or even removal of the sign by the city. It's important for business owners and residents in Spring Branch to familiarize themselves with these laws and regulations to avoid any potential penalties or conflicts with the city.

In Conclusion

While there are certainly restrictions on outdoor signage and advertising in Spring Branch, TX, these regulations are in place to maintain order and ensure the safety and well-being of its residents. By understanding and complying with these laws, we can continue to enjoy the beauty and charm of this small town while supporting its local businesses.

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